The Non-Productive (Virtual) Comedy Show – Thursdays!

Let’s hear it for the┬áComedy Show!

Hey folks, we know things are getting crazy out there, but NonPro’s aiming to bring some levity back into your lives in a way that will help keep the lights on for the creative folks that need our support now more than ever.

For now, our comedy show will be a live stream you can enjoy in the safety and comfort of your own homes! Please, help support live comedy and arts!

Our Patreon Family automatically get tickets for the show, but we’re still selling tickets to try to raise more money to help our talent as their real world gigs continue to dry up during the shutdown.

Quick Facts:

  • You’ll get a link to the live stream for you and for every friend you pay for
  • The proceeds go to our talent, so chip in a few extra bucks if you’d like to continue supporting live art
  • There will be live feedback, comments, reacts, and more!
  • Oh, and we’ve got plans to keep the crap-raffle going as well, because nothing says Virtual Comedy Show than the chance to win a random prize of dubious value!

Thanks for supporting us during this difficult time. We appreciate it, and we hope to pay it forward.

Tickets can be purchased for $5 for Patreon members with extra donations below!

Donate $5 or above for a chance to win something in our Crap Raffle! After you donate, you will be prompted to subscribe to our YouTube channel for the live stream.

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