Virtual Comedy Show

Hey, comics!

We’re looking to put on a virtual comedy show to help us all make ends meet (and to stave off madness). Here are the details:

Quick Facts (Additional Details Below):

  • It’s a paying gig
  • There will be audience feedback
  • You need a camera on some sort of internet enabled device
  • We’ll walk you through setup beforehand

How does it work?

We’re going to host several comics remotely via conferencing apps, and all paying audience members can watch from the comfort of their homes. We want the audience to know that they are chipping in to support the live comedy community, and we are considering selling tickets via a fundraising service.

Extra funds will go to pay the tech crew that will help us put this on. Live events management is suffering these days like the rest of us.

How much does it pay?

Base pay is $10 for a 10 minute set, but the fundraiser will have stretch goals for bonus pay. Like getting a share of the door.

Will there be an audience/audience reactions?

Yes, we’re letting ticket holders open their mics and mixing them accordingly so we can hear crowd noise but not overwhelm the comic during their set.

What do I need?

An internet enabled device with a camera. This can be a smart phone, but a laptop or computer with a webcam would be better. You will have to download some software, but we’re having crew walk comics through that beforehand.

Interested? Great. Message us on Facebook page here.

We’ll be in touch soon!